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If you need a little fashion advice, you’re in luck. Your super-creative dinner date will also have engineering, math and problem-solving skills. (Just don’t expect much quality time together during Fashion Week.) 7. You’ll meet interesting people at interesting events. We think the dates our members go on should be amazing, memorable occasions.Join e Harmony today and ensure your first meeting has that 'wow' moment.Here, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, we present some common designer bad habits that are bound to get you in trouble with your other half if you don't keep them in check. you know who designed it, and you can't stop yourself from gleefully sharing the information, often with a side order of admiration or jealousy. You're a designer."Why can't we just have a normal evening? And why can't you just have a normal lightbulb rather than those weird Plumens? You have deadlines to meet, projects to discuss and pubs meetings to go to. But don't worry, the six-year-olds will appreciate the subtle difference in glyphs between the two body fonts. Look, there's nothing wrong with wanting to look good, and let's not put hipster and designer in the same sentence.

If you have a success story of your own, we'd love to hear it!

The waiter hands you the menu but while your other half decides what they're having quickly and efficiently, a mini-ice age passes while you study the choices. That said, when you next arrive home at midnight to find your partner has packed their bags, will you still be thinking of your cool designer lifestyle? Gushing over the time you passively inhaled Peter Saville's cigarette smoke at that ever-so-cool independent design festival in Prague is not going to win many hearts. Before long the Mac Book is on your lap and you're experimenting with Muse and Typekit. As your partner laughs at the endearing comedy you're both watching, you smile politely as you've just added the Typekit Java Script into your Muse site prototype. You know that limited edition vinyl toy by that cool artist – the one you got signed and only cost you £200?

But it's not the comparative merits of the steak tartare and the confit duck that's bothering you – it's the kerning! And talking as though you're best buddies with Neville Brody is only going to elicit a shrug from most. These are your heroes and you have to let everyone know just how cool they (and by osmosis, you) are. You and your partner are both watching a movie, but your mind wanders.

Your mom will love her for all the free beauty products.7. People are constantly underestimating her because she works in a seemingly frivolous industry—but she's well-educated, hard-working, intelligent and cultured, and she'll defy expectations every time.

Years of climbing the ladder, attending events, industry dinners and market appointments make her well-versed enough to talk to just about anyone—and great company at cocktail parties.9. She can go to work all day, party all night and still make it to her Soul Cycle/SLT/Yoga class in the morning.10.

You're on romantic night out in a posh restaurant, away from the hustle and bustle and of everyday life. What's more, you don't even complain to our boss, or consider getting another job, but take it all in your stride. And what about that old letterpress set you bought off e Bay and had framed?

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