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Francis was signed to Victory Records before starting his own independent label Control Records, and, as William Control, has released four full-length albums (Hate Culture, Noir, Silentium Amoris, and The Neuromancer), an EP (Novus Ordo Seclorum), two acoustic albums (Skeleton Strings and Skeleton Strings 2), two live DVDs (Live in London Town and Babylon) and a remix album (Remix).The first EP (The Pale) of the fifth studio album Revelations was released on October 14, 2016.I’ve been here before, shivering in the moonlight, many years ago in the dark dream of another lifetime. There’s a visible ray of dirty light falling between the wisps of smoke I am exhaling and the space beneath the broken door jam.The ocean swaying in the background and I think I may be hallucinating. I am in a crummy hotel room, alone and shipwrecked.During this tour, they also headlined the Red Bull stage at Donington's Download Festival.A music video for the only single off Silentium Amoris, Kiss Me Judas, was released on June 26, 2012 on You Tube.

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This isn’t fun when you’ve been up for three days drinking scotch, huffing ether and consuming putrid amounts of cracker jack blotter acid. Reality is far worse than I can imagine, so I ignore it.It was the side project of Aiden’s William Francis before Aiden's hiatus, and he later operated as William Control full-time.'William Control' therefore refers to both the band as a whole and to Francis as his stage name.In August and September 2012, William Control filmed their debut live DVD, Live in London Town, directed by Tim Bullock and produced by A Glass Half.

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The film features a live show, shot at the O2 Academy Islington, as well as behind the scenes footage and interviews from two other dates.Though, he is reluctant to link up with a publisher to put it out: "Perhaps the experience of being dragged through the mud on a record label has soured me on those sorts of "Art for sale" deals.

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