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“A lot of women will start to have contractions, think they’re in labor, and get evaluated, but they’re not making cervical changes,” he says.This stage is known as a “prodromal labor” or "latent phase," and it's the early phase of labor when a woman has contractions that don’t increase in intensity."Our intention is to raise our child in a co-creative environment where truth and love are foremost.Birth Name: Andrew Keegan Heying Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States Date of Birth: January 29, 1979 Ethnicity: *German, Czech (father) *Colombian (mother) Andrew Keegan is an American actor. Andrew is the founder and leader of a religious group, Full Circle. Frank was the son of John Bernard Heying and Antionette Bohnenkamp.Ask any pregnant woman how long she’d like to be in labor and you’ll probably hear something along the lines of “I want to be done as fast as possible, if not faster.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t the reality for actor Andrew Keegan’s girlfriend, Arista Ilona, who recently labored for before giving birth to the couple’s daughter.“We started at home and then we went to the hospital,” Keegan told …It’s a very animalistic thing that happens so you just have to drop into your more natural state and just be supportive and let her go through what she needs to go through.”But is it normal to be in labor for more than three days?Experts say definitely not—but there's a big range of what women experience in childbirth. D., medical director at Miami's Fem Care Ob-Gyn, tells SELF that the active phase of labor (when a woman is three or four centimeters dilated to when she delivers) typically lasts from eight to 14 hours.

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(Keegan began his own spiritual movement called Full Circle in Venice Beach, California, in 2014.) “We look forward to embracing the sacred responsibility of parenthood as well as learning from this spirit," Keegan told Us at the time.Keegan was cast in a minor role in the 1996 film Independence Day.He also played a love interest for Stephanie Tanner in the television series Full House for an episode.D., an ob/gyn and women's health expert at California’s Providence Saint John's Health Center, tells SELF that there are certain things that can increase the length of a woman’s labor, like when it has to be induced with medication.

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“When labor has to be induced, the cervix and the uterus have to be patiently prepped for the long process and this may take hours or days,” she explains."But for a healthy mom and healthy baby, the best place of an early phase of labor may be at home.

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