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Login to your member profile page on our website and go to “Your Upgrades”. Select the map version you are entitled to and then your map format on the next page.Note, if you purchased a T4A GPS Maps Version (Full Set) on our online shop you will forever qualify for a 50% discount for any of the other products listed above. T4A maps are not street maps; however, you can search for streets that are labelled. Street names that are labelled on our maps are searchable but you won’t be able to search for a specific street number.We only map places that are relevant to travellers and we endeavour to construct the safest routable GPS maps in Africa. If so, look for something with replaceable AA batteries and robustness. If you would use it in the car only, look at the Nuvi range.The Nuvi500 is sold as an offroad GPS because it is waterproof, but it really is not necessary to have a waterproof GPS in your car.The Oregon and GPSMap62 is far superior GPS units for the wilderness navigator, so if you intend any hiking or related type of navigation, I would seriously look at these two units.Depending on what GPS unit you have, it will differ from GPS range to GPS range. the procedure you will follow on the Garmin Nuvi will differ from a Garmin Montana etc) Your installed GPS Maps will always be listed under your Map information which is located under your settings / tools option on the GPS. Click on the map you wish to enable on your GPS device.T4A GPS Maps can be bought as individual downloads from our website or on a Plug & Navigate SD card from our online store or from most outdoor retailers. For updates and coverage of our latest maps, see what is new on our latest T4A GPS Maps.

If you don’t have the Street maps loaded on your PC to transfer to your GPS (using Garmin Map Source or Garmin Map Install)you can transfer our Tracks4Africa maps to a separate SD Card.

We hope that this page will assist you with some of the Frequently Asked Questions you may have.

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If you buy an Oregon or GPSMap 62 it will not come with a city navigator map preloaded, in which case you have to factor the cost of such map in separately (normally R1000).• Tracks4Africa will be more than adequate for navigation to places in the cities, i.e. We cover camp sites, fuel, lodging and a very extensive range of other features related to travellers on our maps.

The further away you from the cities the better our detail becomes.

The latest craze is things like lane assist, 3D buildings and other city features.