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30-Dec-2017 16:35

so leading you to a bigger sin is not the only harm in it at all. Sexual fantasies, I would say, are not uncommon for Muslims.The only problem, for men especially, is that sexual fantasies may lead to something more, including masturbation, or even worse, committing zina.

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And men (and women) are commanded to 'lower their gaze'(Quran ).

that top answer is totally wrong its sad that is been voted as the most correct when it doesnt clarify the diffence between passing thoughts and intentionally fantasizing about having sex.

when you continue to dwell on that image it will let lust into your heart and harm you spiritually so yeah its a sin.

It 's better to avoid thinking about that.(ayatollah Makarem) Hazrat masih(Christ) (a.s.) said to his Followers: "Hazrat Moses intuited you to avoid zina,but I enjoin you even don't think about it;because someone who thinks about zina is the same as a person who Turns Fire in a beautiful colorful room;in that situation It 's possible that room doesn't take fire but fire 's smoke will make the room dark and will ruins it."(ghurar al-hikam,volume3,page451) As the other answers have pointed out Thoughts by themselves do not count as hayir (good deeds) or sher (bad deeds).

To illustrate for example: its not enough to think about the suras when you are performing the salah.

Sex drives are variable, and some people's are higher than others, but nevertheless it isn't a symptom of an abnormal sex drive to fantasise.