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In North Carolina, legal separation occurs on the date that husband and wife move into separate residences, with one having the intent to continue living separate and apart.

Husband and wife cannot continue to live together in the same home and be separated. Legal separation is often a precursor toward divorce, as divorce can be obtained after one year and one day of separation in North Carolina.

A SAPS goes beyond a Separation Contract by outlining how marital property will be divided, if alimony will be paid and how much, how child custody and visitation will be arranged, how much child support will be paid, and other issues relating to the divorce.

Isolated incidents of sexual intercourse during a separation does not mean the spouses have reconciled such that a new one-year waiting period is required for a divorce.

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All because I told her 6 months ago that i was sick of our life and wanted... outside people see me as a strong independent person. Nearly six months now since separating after 24 years. She was was world, and every day feels strange and not worth going through without her. Neither of us have been happy for a while but I put this down to his mid-life crisis' (he's had a few) Anyway I caught... He was abusive verbally and physically for the first half then got better but cheated many times and has a **** addiction. It's not something I have control over but I have the control from here on out! I have already a history posted in the affair section here in the E.

Many married couples enter into a Separation Contract, a Separation Agreement and Property Settlement (SAPS), or obtain a Court Order that details rights and obligations regarding child support, child custody, spousal support, division of property, and debt.

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