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When these exploded, several people were killed and others injured. Despite the restrictions placed on the press and upon individuals, unrest and suffering caused by the extreme disparity between wealthy and poor did not dampen the Second Empire’s drive for amusement and pleasure.

The Empress Eugénie, born in Spain, adored parties.

He was always inventive and filled with inventive plans such as the creation of a new harbor for Marseilles or the building of a canal in the drought-ridden area around Aix-en-Provence.

Despite the pressures and strictures placed on his projects by Louis-Philippe’s government, the dreamer Francesco Zola never stopped attempting to bring his ideas to fruition.

Beginnings There is considerable memorial evidence that Zola was a determined individual even as a young boy; it is not surprising that Zola’s motto as a youth was “all or nothing.” He did not delude himself into believing that fame and fortune would come with ease.

He knew early on that hard work, long hours at his desk, and determination were important factors for the realization of his goal.

Emile Zola's Desk Set: This was the author's personal desk set retreived from his Paris home shortly after his death.

It has correspondence he received, his pen with various nibs, his ink, photographs of family and friends, coins and his pince nez glasses.

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She would have to go to Paris, contact some of her husband’s former friends, and seek their help. After several weeks, Zola received a note from her asking him to sell whatever belongings were left, use the money to buy tickets for his grandfather and for himself, and come to Paris. He often told friends later in life that going to Paris was “like being born; the pain, the humiliation, the joy, the bright lights.” Zola felt disoriented in the Paris of the Second Empire and uprooted from his friends and the simple life he knew at Aix-en-Provence.

Zola was born in Paris on 40 less than two months after Thomas Hardy’s birth in Dorchester, Dorset.

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