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In the 1980s, USC football did not realize a national championship, though it continued to experience relative success, with top-20 AP rankings and Pac-10 Conference championships under head coaches Ted Tollner (1983–1986) and Larry Smith (1987–1992) Each coach led the team to a win in the Rose Bowl and USC was recognized among the nation's top-ten teams three times.Despite the moderate success of team during these years, some alumni had grown accustomed to the program's stature as a perennial national championship contender.Before they were named Trojans in 1912, USC athletic teams were called the Methodists (occasionally the "Fighting Methodists"), as well as the Wesleyans.During the early years, limitations in travel and the scarcity of major football-playing colleges on the West Coast limited its rivalries to local Southern Californian colleges and universities.Jess Hill, who coached from 1951 to 1956, won the Rose Bowl in 1953.From 1957 to 1959, the Trojans were coached by Don Clark. USC joined the conference's other three California schools and Washington to form a new conference, the Athletic Association of Western Universities, under a new charter.Pomona College was invited to enter, but declined to do so.An invitation was also extended to Los Angeles High School.

Mc Kay's influence continued even after he departed for the NFL when an assistant coach, John Robinson (1976–1982), took over as head coach.

The Trojans throughout NCAA history have claimed 11 national championships. Playing its first game on November 14 of that year against the Alliance Athletic Club, USC achieved a 16–0 victory. Goddard were playing coaches for the first team which was put together by quarterback Arthur Carroll, who in turn volunteered to make the pants for the team and later became a tailor.

In 1893, USC joined the Intercollegiate Football Association of Southern California (the forerunner of the SCIAC), which was composed of USC, Occidental College, Throop Polytechnic Institute (Cal Tech), and Chaffey College.

They suffered winless streaks of 13 years (1983–1995, including the 1994 17–17 tie) to rival Notre Dame and 8 years (1991–1998) to crosstown rival UCLA which were unacceptable to many USC supporters.

Under Robinson the Trojans were 2-2-1 against Notre Dame, but unable to beat UCLA.

Between 1911–1913, USC followed the example of California and Stanford and dropped football in favor of rugby union.