Leo star sign compatibility chart dating

06-Aug-2017 23:56

They are far more comfortable working in an exciting area where they can jet off to glamorous places and influence the more mundane members of planet Earth.

Leo’s won’t stand for being treated with contempt or ridicule, but they are very aware of other people’s need for dignity, so they are rarely offensive or hurtful.

Leo’s are generous and kind and will do anything to help others, especially their family.

They excel as a family member and enjoy keeping in touch with relatives although are not the type to cling.

And can Leo and Leo compatibility survive when two competing egos attempt to drown one another out?

Two Leos in love make for an exhilarating, dramatic and flamboyant partnership.

Both of these partners love attention and this is a relationship which will certainly be played out in public, whether for better or for worse.

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Everything is “me first” and if they don’t win, watch out. If it’s a good one it’s his or hers, if it’s a rotten one, it’s someone else’s. If you’re feeling a bit low, go to a Leo for some TLC.What happens when zodiac royalty meets zodiac royalty?

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