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We explained why programmed background music by Muzak; unlike ordinary music, is scientifically for- mulated for work. Wc said it's designed to he heard but not H- lened to. "Muzak has been a positive in- fluence in our HKo Vt installed it as another employee benefit, which it tttu) heeti, We fed that il helps reduce error* and improves efficiency. If you want your heire to Inherli as much ol your estaie as por-sibfe, yau need a sound financial plnn, And drawing up mot plan requires team wor/r. Especially when Admimstra tion officials deny plans for direct controls, say that's a last resort. But once Johnson convinces congressional leaders of need, tax rates can go up fast.Wc showed how some com- panies use Mu/ak profitably to reduce absenteeism, lateness and turnover. We recommend Muzak to anyone with our kind of work situation." jrwfrtt £7* ff mi A Don't take their word for it Aai doitt tttw ow word for «, Prose n lo youritlf with a trial iniiailiiiton □ I'd like to talk »twul il with a Muzak franchiser □ I'm still ikctmeal. Nam rally, your lawyer's advice is essential - and so are the valuable skills ot your trirsl officer, your aceouniiim and your New York Life Agenl. there's thrr all loo real problem of estate shrinkage... Ex- perts reckon lawmakers could have a boost on LBJ's desk wilhin a month.Early situation report on two key control proposals which would affect consumers and businessmen alike: Congress won't pass either the packaging control or consumer credit control bill unless the White House does maior lobbying lor them, say Capitot Hill sources.So far, Administration has asked tor them but contributed little muscle. Bareknuckle fight for big city votes con- fronts President Johnson.

M would cost an estimated to million a year. S, forces over 130,000 displace- ments annually, including about 17,000 firms. al^rt und calls nttpntion to the problems of his industry Ht-'fi a wn(ehdi)^.And how others reduced errors and improved efficiency aftet installing .! taxes, dobta and seiticment costs could put a senoua dent In what you leave behind. For help in Insuring Ihe future, why not put your New York Lite Agent art your em ale planning teem today? Life Insurance * Group Insurance • Annuities Hea Hh Insurance • Pension Plans WASHINGTON: A LOOK AHEAD Price controls? Wilbur Mills in House, Russell Long in Sen- ate—chairmen of tax-writing committees— hold key.Muwk system Ralston Purina agreed to a trial in- stallation. But your Now Yor K Lite Agent can show you the part fhal lile insurance can play In keeping shrinkage to a minimum: by guaranteeing your heirs ready cash to meet (tie financial obligations ol your oaloto. Call Mm, or wrilo: New York Lile Insurance Company, Dept. Senator Long talks of joint House-Senate hearings if speed is essential.The significant fig- ures will show up in House results. LBJ's 1964 landslide gave them a 145 seat majority, November battles will center on 118 districts where race looks closest; Democrats now hold 72 of them. The party that holds the White House has lost House seats In every midterm congressional election since World War II. It could help LBJ's party as Korea truce helped Ike NATION'S BUSINESS • rm^VARY 1966 How to succeed while you're still young "Take lha (ntoolln*. Burns when he reported, in a spocinl Na- tional Chamhrr pu hi Icul inn.

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Democrats figure to lose anywhere from five to 40 seats in the House of Represents tives— depending on who is predicting. Con- gressmen expecting battles rnclude such vet- erans as Democrats Boggs of Louisiana, Murray ot Tennessee, Jones of Alabama; Republicans Halleck of Indiana. You wc.n'1 olwoyt ' Actively mtt atl «,( the f Mpsni Al IKv "Dwalo O rha lnrtineth cope r t -j:! ni.i .-iciv L-mtj an MI MMl and wive hcfo« he c*n hope to aspire to the top managerial level. What type of world can execu- tivert of tomorrow e Ki***? JJrtrmf Canl (riiblli, Cltf i»f, Cummuuil T Ifrvrbipmr-iil llrjiarinariil . on urn (l«'li^)eratlon B of one of throe proups nf :i-;-ii H i( ,r execi ll I vr-i who hltcl ii M-l ti dii K'iosu Ihe role uf usmm Ji-u tions in lh« next decjidfi. Burroi H exectilive vice proaident of tbo Cahforni H Aaaoctation of Life (Jn- derwriters.

Food industry leaders fear they may be next Agriculture Secretary Freeman talks of farm and food prices holding steady in 1966. Theoretical- ly, the guldeposts hitch wage increases to pro ductivily gains.

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