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Gerry and Yvonne investigate Gina's hit and run, figuring out that she hit a lizard alien, whose acidic blood burned its shape into the pavement.Jonathan visits the Sub-Ship (alien spaceship) to give Don and Jeff the bad news about Kurt, which hits them both hard.Gina's backstory and the origin of Star Crossed is explored.Jonathan, in trouble with the rest of the alien team, tries to goad Ozzie (alien "Subject 28409") into leaving Beacon before he learns more about the aliens.Chelsea and Father Doug grow close, when he helps her by explaining that "God makes us witnesses to the unexplainable" and that her acceptance of her impossible event (abduction) is a form of faith.Jeff sends signals that mess with the implant in Ozzie's brain, causing pain and hallucinations that lead to hospitalization.Although skeptical at first, Ozzie realizes the truth of the group's claims when he begins to recall similar experiences.

Kurt goes to Beacon to try and clean up the Ozzie mess, only to be killed in a hit and run by Gina, who was texting while driving. Ozzie tries to help Richard face the reality of his failed marriage—his wife is not a missing alien captive, she is simply divorcing him.As the series progresses, Ozzie gradually learns that his employer, Jonathan Walsh, is a reptilian in disguise.

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The 22-year-old Montreal-born blonde learned the hard way on Sunday never to bet against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, who rallied from a 25-point deficit to defeat Atlanta 34-28 in overtime to claim the NFL crown.… continue reading »

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