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Nonetheless, the flavors were right and well-balanced, with 1/2 and 1/2 of fish stock to chicken stock, smoked paprika and saffron, of course.Adopted from several sources online – see recipe below.See what I mean about commonalities across countries?I decided to make a mixed paella that has chicken breast, thighs, chorizo, shrimp, calamari and mussels.To make chicken breast moist and tender, I borrowed Thomas Keller’s method of soaking the chicken in buttermilk beforehand which helped.And per many of the recipes, arborio rice (also used for risotto) was selected although in retrospect, it probably had bit too much starch and resulting in a bit too creamy/starchy paella.

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using highest quality local ingredients, the restaurant pays homage to wholesome comfort food at its best; not the usual steak and potatoes kind of a way but at a level little higher, little more complicated that have you scratching your head going – “how did they do that? blue duck certainly is among the last meals i’d like to have before i die – here’s to the courses for the nite. i didn’t even make a dint on those duck fat fries…still haunting me…

I tell myself that whatever paella I’ve had in my life will not compare to the “real thing” in Spain – so until I get there – I’ll have little to compare it to.