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“The ad needs to grab emotion and knock it out of the park," said Jeffrey Hayzlett, author of “The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Really Breathing." Often that means shooting a missile at the prurient core of the human brain. What the skinny-dipping couple doesn’t realize is that a bunch of exuberant bar patrons are enjoying the action from an underground pub.In that spirit, here's the "best" of the seamier side of Super Bowl commercials. The brewing company never got an audience for the ad during the game, but it wasn’t a total buzz kill.Zoo officials worry that portraying the primates as pets will lead to less conservation. Man Crunch is an online dating website specifically aimed at male homosexual relationships, owned by the Toronto-based Avid Life Media, the same company responsible for the Ashley Madison adultery service and other similarly unconventional dating sites.

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Now, I'm not saying that Avid Life didn't spend a fortune to use those jerseys.Monkey Business (2012) Chimps aren’t people–but they sure do look cute in clothes.Career is catching some heat from the Lincoln Park Zoo for their commercial featuring chimpanzees acting like humans. Jesus and Obama bobblehead dolls duke it out, an almost-nude model caresses a pumpkin, and Mickey Rooney does the unthinkable.

Watch these and other ads that won’t make it to game day.

The site bills itself as a place "where many many many men come to play." Man Crunch gained major publicity in January 2010 when it was revealed that CBS was considering a television advertisement the site had produced to air during Super Bowl XLIV.