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09-Dec-2017 08:13

President Obama made waves earlier this month with a promise that no international ally has been given a “no spy” exemption from NSA’s prying eyes — a statement that reportedly distressed several governments who had believed themselves to be under the protection of just such a deal.

For nations within the so-called Five Eyes spying alliance, however, this announcement might have sounded more like a promise: we will keep watch on your people, so you don’t have to.

When those two governments share data with each other more readily than with their own citizens, the loophole becomes obvious.

Even assuming that these agencies adhere strictly to the letter of the law, their ability to spy on their own citizens might be impeded only slightly, if at all.

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(Read: How to use the 25% of the internet that the NSA doesn’t monitor.)From basic privacy concerns to possible future blackmail, this is a revelation that strikes most internet users harder than metadata collection or Google cookie exploits.That is, this program does not restrict itself to specific targets of surveillance, but grabbed essentially every conversation it could find.In a single six-month period in 2008, Optic Nerve saved shots from 1.8 million Yahoo accounts; just how many shots were taken from each is unclear.This provides strong evidence (if not outright proof) of one of the most pervasive conspiracy theories about global surveillance: that international alliances fundamentally undermine limitations on domestic spying.

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Though the documents do not explicitly refer to collection of American conversations, GCHQ has no ability (nor stated wish) to exclude US or UK connections from the Optic Nerve program, making it a virtual certainty that such records were collected in enormous volumes. Americans may not spy on Americans, nor Britons on Britons — but of course, an American could spy on a Canadian.) Any random assortment of webcam traffic will, unavoidably, carry a hefty number of sexy feeds — in a conversation between long-distance partners, for instance — and GCHQ does not have the technological ability to sift these out and exclude them from the reports.

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