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Brad urged Monica to burn the clue, which she obliged.

At this point, Monica was in a alliance with Gervase Peterson, Tina Wesson, Aras Baskauskas, and Tyson Apostol.

is a contestant from Survivor: One World and Survivor: Blood vs. Known as the wife of former NFL defensive lineman Brad Culpepper, as well as being a physical powerhouse in her second season and for being the first person to refuse a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol.

In One World, Monica found herself on the outside from Day 1 of her tribe because of the Salani Alliance outnumbering her and the older women, but she managed to evade elimination long enough to get to the tribe switch.

When Laura Morett's name came out as being the one voted out, Monica was worried as she could beat Brad. Monica stayed on Galang with Tina, Laura B., and Kat Edorsson.

None the less, Monica joined in voting out Laura M. Tina's daughter, Katie Collins, and Aras' brother, Vytas Baskauskas came to Galang while Gervase, Aras, and Tyson gone to Tadhana. Kat was annoyed with Monica's strategizing and talked to Tina about getting her out.

Then he went on to the NFL where he played for nine seasons with the Vikings, Buccaneers, and Bears.

It is my time to "step out" and see what grit I am made of…I'm ready to show I'm a Survivor!

Why You Think You'll "Survive" SURVIVOR: I am enthusiastic, pleasant to be around and a great motivator.

Unknown to Monica, Colton and Alicia were plotting against her, and with the help of Colton's "misfit alliance", Monica and Christina were both shocked when Monica was blindsided in a 5-2 vote in an effort to rid the game of a potential threat as opposed to a weak link. In the first Impressions vote, Monica voted against Candice Cody for not knowing much against her.

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Monica returned with her husband, former football player Brad Culpepper. Candice was the first voted out and Rupert Boneham switched places with his wife, Laura Boneham.Laura Boneham was the initial target as no one felt comfortable around her.

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