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26-Jun-2017 07:48

Melanoma has always been my main scientific interest, but my latest work, both in research and in patients advocacy is spurred by the challenges I face in the daily care for skin cancer patients in Romania.Late detection of advanced tumors, lack of awareness both in patients and physicians, lack of epidemiologic data and control, shortages in diagnostic and care facilities and lately lack of access to new treatments and trials are the dramatic reality that Romania shares with much of the Eastern half of Europe, for skin cancer and cancer in general.

Partner and Head of Intellectual Property, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Consumer Protection and Gaming practices.Hello, I'm currently studying a little bit of russian, i'm not looking for any particular exchange actually, but i am available to help people with their romanian or english.Likewise if you want to simply chat with someone, talk to new people or you are simply passionate about Romania and want some info or cultural insight, feel free to contact me.I am living in Tokyo and studying Japanese at the moment. I would like to practice English (by Skype or correspondence) with a native speaker or advanced learners, regardless of their nationality.

I would like to meet new people here and practice Japanese, and also help others with their English skills. Of course, I can teach you Romanian if you want so.Ana-Maria Placintescu, Head of the employment department, is a highly-experienced lawyer with an impressive practice in employment law, built in 17 years of activity.