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I don’t know if I can say this in a newspaper …” she said.“But it was a friend of the family who said, 'Wow that proves you had balls, great big ones!“I always felt that in order to tell people’s stories and do my job, it’s important you don’t breath rarefied air, that you stay very, very grounded,” she said.“But it is a weird thing that I can watch many of my relatives who’ve died, alive on the television.” Richardson is to appear in a new film, Thanks for Sharing, a comedy-drama written and directed by Stuart Blumberg, about sex addicts in a New York self-help group.

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Richardson said that the subject appealed for its connection with real life.“I suddenly realised that enough time had gone by for me to accept that this was the new way of life and to really start embracing joy.It’s too easy to be a victim, and it’s boring,” she laughs, repeating something she’d said to her daughter.With the eyes of the world on the famous family, Richardson returned to work, playing Queen Katherine Parr on "The Tudors" (Showtime, 2007-2010) and co-starring in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (2011), which helped underscore the enormity of her talent.

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Richardson said that after more than four years she was able to “start embracing joy”, having spent the time since Natasha died in a skiing accident in March 2009 trying to make sense of the tragedy, which she described as “like a giant explosion”.“It was stupid because all the chips were against me, but it became easier to take bigger risks because life wasn’t safe.” It paid off.