Christian dating genital herpes

13-Jul-2017 20:59

The first choice for treatment should probably be your or your partner’s regular physician.

This is because he/she is familiar with the patient’s health history and is best placed to decide the right treatment options for him/her.

Being armed with accurate information will not only help your partner - and you perhaps - to get the right tests and treatment but will also better prepare your relationship to cope with the consequences.

Avoid jumping to conclusions Your partner getting infected with genital herpes isn’t always the consequence of infidelity.

Just because the treatment has started and even if the symptoms ease up, it does not mean that you or your partner is completely infection-free.

The doctor will require you both to be tested again at the end of the treatment to be sure that the infection is gone and that you are no longer capable of passing it on to anyone else.

Also if the cost of the consultation and treatment are not covered by health insurance, there are several choices of affordable or free STD treatment too.

Most local health departments run a free or sliding scale STD clinic which offers anonymous or confidential testing.

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Even if you and your partner did not have sexual intercourse, don’t avoid going for diagnostic tests for herpes.Most family physicians can effectively treat the common run of STDs but in case they have doubts, they can always refer you or your partner to a specialist.Women in fact may be more comfortable talking about their symptoms to a gynecologist rather than their family medical practitioner.This is because in case the herpes sores are present in unprotected areas around the genitals like thighs, and buttocks, they are still capable of infecting you even if your partner uses a condom.

Find treatment However if you test positive for the infection, you should waste no time in consulting a doctor so that you can start on the right treatment as soon as possible.

As a result your partner may have been carrying about the infection an asymptomatic STD infection even before you two got together.