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14-Jan-2018 03:22

As I revealed yesterday, next week’s Channel 5 show, Diana: 7 Days That Shook The Windsors, the commentary baldly states that Earl Spencer wanted to walk alone behind Diana’s coffin, but royal advisers were not happy.A spokesman for the Earl tells me: ‘This is a fabrication.Earl Spencer had no wish to walk behind his sister’s coffin, and only did so to support his young nephews when asked.‘We will be contacting Channel 5 to stop them broadcasting something with no basis in fact.’A Palace committee, set up to organise the funeral in 1997, felt that Princes William and Harry, then aged 15 and 12, should be part of the procession. the worst half-hour of my life.’Of the decision to join the funeral procession, he said: ‘I was very against having to walk behind [the coffin], particularly for William and Harry, but that’s the way things are done in this country, apparently, so we had to do it.’Despite his cavalier attitude to traffic rules, Linley, was late for the launch of his exhibit at the opening of the Chelsea Flower Show, and was initially refused entry because he didn’t have a bike permit.But William initially refused to join, wanting to grieve in private. network ABC in which he described the funeral as ‘hell’: ‘It was unmitigated hell . ‘My ministerial career fell apart a bit earlier than I’d expected,’ admits Nicky Morgan, the former Education Secretary who dared to question Theresa May’s choice in leather trousers.‘There is nothing so “ex” as an “‘ex-minister”,’ she adds.During divorce proceedings in South Africa, where the couple had moved with their four children, Ms Lockwood claimed the Earl told her he had conducted affairs with 12 women during a period of five months when was being treated for drug addiction and an eating disorder. The couple had two children, but separated in 2007 when their youngest child was four months old, after it emerged that the Earl had begun an affair with Coleen Sullivan, an American television reporter who interviewed him about Princess Diana.Miss Sullivan put her career on hold to begin a new life with the Earl at Althorp, but their relationship ended after 18 months.Althorp has been available on the same basis ever since, through various agents, who have advertised such availability as they see fit – through literature, at trade fairs, and on the internet (since it became a common marketing tool – i.e. This form of client access is accepted practice for many owners of Britain’s historic houses, who do their best to maintain the nation’s and their family heritage, as you can see from the websites of many of those homes, and the agencies that represent them.

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A forthcoming TV documentary has prompted a furious response from Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, 53, who is demanding changes to the programme before it is broadcast.

The new Countess Spencer, who previously worked as a hotel receptionist and a catalogue model, has two daughters aged 12 and 10 from her former marriage to the Hollywood producer Mark Gordon, whose films include Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot.

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