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08-Jan-2018 04:10

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I did however managed to massage my prostate some which felt incredibly good.

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I didn’t have anything to clean myself up so I brought myself close to orgasm 4 or 5 times.

A tremendous amount of pre-cum was flowing out of my throbbing cockhead when I realized that I had to get up and move quickly before I’ll be late for work.

Throughout the course of the day my mind constantly took me back to my sexy horny wife at home, she’s become an unbelievable good cocksucker and her neatly trimmed pussy and big firm tits, perky nipples, and sexy full hips made fantasizing about her so easy.

Different scenarios and thoughts constantly breezed through my mind, tit fucking her, giving it to her hard from behind, her licking and sucking my swollen cock, my cum shooting all over her etc., etc., etc., it is difficult to put in words how horny and lustful I was at that point.

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