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05-Aug-2017 16:49

The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate urges the international community to seize the unique opportunities of 2015 to put the world on a pathway to low-carbon, climate-resilient growth and development.

Together, a prosperous and sustainable future is within our reach. As discussed in Better Growth, Better Climate, new patterns of international production and trade, demographic change and technological advances have dramatically altered the shape of the global economy over the last two decades. Structural change is inevitable – but that change can be steered to make economies at all levels of development stronger, more equitable, more sustainable and more resilient.

The Global Commission makes 10 key recommendations in which partnerships can help deliver better growth and a better climate.

In 2015, the global community has an unprecedented opportunity.

Further international and multi-stakeholder cooperation could also significantly enhance and complement the ambition of countries’ commitments under the expected new climate agreement.

By working together, countries, businesses, cities and others can move faster and achieve greater gains.Seizing the Global Opportunity provides 10 practical recommendations that will boost economic growth and reduce climate risk.