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13-Jul-2017 03:20

Of course, Bill Maher doesn’t exactly think highly of Hannity or Coulter’s ideas either.He once said of fellow liberal Michael Bloomberg’s “soda ban” that it made him want to “join the tea party and marry Ann Coulter, and that’s not where I want to be.” Also, the recent appearance that has Hannity up in arms was met with much disagreement, especially when the pair dueled on immigration reform.Who is the Ann Coulter (or Bill Maher) in your life? guests who court controversy, but last week, he careened down a cliff of his own making by dropping the N-word.Our conversation migrated to seeds as he took me to his kitchen and showed me how he makes lunch.Meanwhile, Chico, his one-eyed dog, nipped at my shoes.

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Witness the following paragraph (that follows details about Maher wearing a flowered shirt while riding on a golf cart with a 20-something lady friend), which contains all kinds of voodoo: Besides politics and women, health is Maher’s other obsession.

Bill and Cara “spent some time talking about marriage,” adds the insider, “but [the relationship] just ran its course.