Are katie cassidy and jesse mccartney dating

11-Jul-2017 09:01

In jesse's video "its over"..girl looks just like katie but in the vid her name is "kacie" and at the end "kacie" cheats on jesse and he's flashing a flash light on them.also in his song, told you so, it says she left him and he told her she wouldnt be happy. After they broke up, she dated teen heartthrob and songwriting extraordinaire, Jesse Mc Cartney from 2005. Cassidy debuted among many teen stars of the early 2000s and was close to many celebs of her generation. Her earliest relationship was with Greg Raposo, a singer who went on to make himself a name in rock music.The couple appeared in a lot of events and parties together.Moreover, it has been stated that a lot of songs which Jesse Mc Cartney wrote during the period when they were dating were about Katie Cassidy.While Cassidy turned up the heat with a bikini that showed off her phenomenal body, her boyfriend matched abs as well.The paparazzi shots showed Rodgers was never far from his lady and always made it into the shots.

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Katie Cassidy met Jarret Stoll in one of the sport events and after the game they spent quite a lot of time together. Here’s more about Katie Cassidy’s boyfriend in 2017 who’s now her fiance.